Tuesday, August 18, 2009

at last

I know. I know. Its been a long time. But I am here to announce that as promised, I am changing blogs... I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have two blogs to announce- my work blog (which I am quite faithful in updating... you have already missed many many posts) and my personal blog (which I am not so faithful in updating) So there you have it.... go check these blogs out and you will find out why I have been so busy- in work, and in... ahem... some personal things that are going on such as a large growing stomach. (pictures are posted on blog!)

apologies and love-
felony melanie
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Monday, May 18, 2009


Yes... Though most people who started school in 2003 have masters, or have a real job now, I am proud to announce that I have finally graduated. huzzah!

I have also quit my job, and am starting my own company.... stay tuned for updates, I will be shortly changing my blog address and such with all of these changes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the last 5 months?

Ok I am terrible at posting pictures and keeping everyone updated... Here is what we have been up to, so now you can know about some of the things we have been doing.

hiking at red ledges. warmer times!

the terrible three... heidi, jamie & me-- the three hard core bikers.

Football game lovin with Anna, Dad, and Uncle Eric-- look how close we are!

Halloween with Jamie, Heidi, and Tiffany and of course the gangster Daniel.

A quick San Diego trip before the wedding:

Murder Mystery Night-- Wild Wild west theme- good mustache eh?

our honeymoon in mexico :)

Gingerbread contest with the Adairs- Greg 1st place, Mike 3rd, me--- none. (Too artistic I guess)

Mr. Daniel Eugene's 27th Birthday. He can finall say his correct age now.

Our first christmas together at the Burks :)

Our new house-- you can see how we put up empty frames to motivate us to put up pictures... still hasn't happened.

Valentines Day- we played in the snow- Dan is the abominable snowmonster... I am an eskimo.

The BYU basketball game versus Utah... we won! yay!

There... we have kind of caught you up a little!

the tale of the sad irish loaf and the she man wrecking crew

Yes. It is quite a tale. I wish it wasn't true-- but I am quite a blonde sometimes. It manifested itself in full force this week.

So on Monday, we got back from the gym and we had an hour before we needed to go to FHE... dinner was already done--so I thought it might be a good time to make some bread. (We wanted to take it to some people) I have a really good, quick recipe that takes about 15 minutes to make- and 30 minutes to bake. So I foolishly thought we had plenty of time... thats where it all started to go wrong. Very wrong.

First off, I got out my new wheat grinder... (which I love). I got out the ingredients, turned on the oven, and started to grind my wheat. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the corner was open- and suddenly there was wheat flower everywhere-- sprayed over the toaster, bosch mixer, etc.... It was a mess. I decided to just keep going-- there was no point in cleaning up when I was just going to make a bigger mess.

That is when it started to get bad.

I put in baking powder and not baking soda.

Then our nut chopper was all moldy- Yuck! so no nuts in the bread.

Then I realized there was a funny smell. Suddenly I remembered, there was a cake in the oven from the weekend--with a plastic cover on top. It had been in there while the oven had been heating for 15 minutes...

Which means that it looked like this:

Yes that blue is the plastic all melted. Notice that the middle is missing? I have no idea where it went.. it appears that it just evaporated? There was also plastic dripping all over the oven.

Good one. So my kitchen was a mess- there was flour powder everywhere.. I had bread dough that was all wrong, moldy stuff in the sink, and a messy oven.... and what could I do but laugh? I laughed for the next 20 minutes straight.. I couldnt even stop for the prayer.

We were only 10 minutes late to FHE, and we got our neighbors to bake our bread. Not suprisingly, it didn't turn out well.

Oh and did I mention that I caught a kitchen towel on fire the night before?

Saturday, January 31, 2009


gobbledigook. or strawberry swing. that would be my favorite... ok two of my favorite songs to listen to while I am busy at work. (the first is sigur ros, the second coldplay) what have I been working on these past few months? let me show you... this is just a sampling of work.

two adorable boys from liberia, africa, in a series I am creating for the hunger banquet. (an event BYU does for NGOs and raising awareness of world hunger... really cool)

dan and I finally started our thank you notes... its about time. oops.

worked on invitations for miss jenne gammil.... she kind of has a bike theme-

took fotos of mike and greg surfing..... beautiful mexico. sure beats snow.

worked a trazilion hours for byu... this is one guide cover in progress....

took fotos and designed invite for miss becca plumb.... samples below....

so there you have it. you can always look at my website for more work, but I will warn you, I am still finishing some sections on that website.... (www.theburkstheburks.com)

don't worry I am still having fun in the midst of this work... I have become a swimming and biking addict, I still drag Dan to the opera/symphony/musicals.... and we even bought a table for our house! we were eating on the ground for the longest time....

much love

Thursday, December 18, 2008

m.i.a. to m.m.b.

yes i know, it has only been a few months since my last post. but really i have an excuse.. well several. my list has been extensive the last few months- full time school, stressful job.. and oh yeah, that wedding i was planning :)

needless to say, i have just been in survival mode. but now that my finals are over, i am celebrating by making a blog, to say friends, i am not m.i.a... no i have just become m.m.b.- melanie monroe burk. no worries, i will be sure to post more info on the lovely wedding, and the hot groom later.

but for now, merry christmas. tomorrow morning in a short 8 hours, i will be headed to indiana. yay! and so to celebrate that snowy christmas i am posting this artwork i did.

oh and if you want to check out my website, i coded and created this whole website. it was the most intensive task i have ever undertaken, but it is exciting, and now i feel ligit.

happy christmas.

with love m.m.b.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

engaged to a belgian...

So folks, yes. I am engaged!!!!!! But not to a belgian. I am engaged to Daniel Eugene Burk, and we are getting hitched on November 25 in the San Diego Temple! yay!!

So yes.. I guess inquiring minds want to know how he proposed.... on august 28th, he told me we were going to go hiking, and to pack a picnic dinner. I made dinner, and he came and got me and we were off... we went up to Pleasant Grove, where we hiked the Battle Creek Falls. It was a beautiful but steep hike.... we were having a grand old time, and I had no idea that he was going to pop the "question" that night. 

So we got past the main fall, and were in this beautiful field looking up unto Mount Timp, which we had previously hiked this summer... and as we looked up at the mountains we decided to take some pictures. We took some pictures, talked, laughed, and then he decided he wanted to take pictures with his camera. He got his camera out, we took some more pictures, and then as he knelt down to put his camera back into his backpack, all of a sudden he was kneeling with his hand outstretched with this beautiful ring... and then he asked me to marry him.

I did what any girl would do. I laughed.... 

And then of course I said yes, and laughed some more, and then started crying :)

It was such a beautiful moment, and even more awesome that we were alone in nature.. where we really did fall in love to begin with.  We never did eat our picnic dinner- we were too excited and had to get down the mountain to call and tell everyone...

so wedding plans are on their way..... we are getting married!!!!!! huzzah!!!